Financial Platform

Financial Platform


The Zeal Soft has built a state-of-the-art GL Solution system that provides the users an interface to set standard debit/credit entries (vouchers) against each type of transaction. The system at the time of transaction entry within any of its modules generates vouchers automatically by referring to the set-up entries. These vouchers are then transferred to their respective General Ledger Accounts

The financial module manages real-time financial records, and provides functionalities and auditing support for all receivables and payables related work, including various premium collection and disbursements methods, accounts receivable and payable records for premiums and claims. Whenever a user approves a policy, certificate, endorsement or claim, the system generates advices(s) automatically according to the type of insurance i.e., direct, co-insurance or re-insurance etc. At the same time, the system also transfers these advice(s) to the accounts receivable and/or accounts payable modules automatically in the form of payable and receivable vouchers, to record the premium, commission, service charges etc.

Bank Reconciliations:

• Comparison of Bank Statement against Company Cash Records

Budgets & Variance Analysis:

• Budgeting for different Locations
• Budgeting for different departments
• Comparison between budgeted and actual data
• Comparison and Analyzing reports for next and previous years.
• Cheque Book Inventory & Printing
• Periodic Balance Maintenance

Audit Trail:

• Ability to keep an audit trail for every transaction

Individual and Group Level security privileges:

• Assigning pre-defined rights to the Users / User Groups

Integrated with other Modules:

• Fixed Assets


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