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Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

The Zeal has developed a one-of-a-kind dataset for Sanctions, Terrorist, and Alert lists to enhance the existing global screening tools. We use Technologies to crawl for updates on a daily basis, which enable our system to run due diligence screening checks for our customers on an ongoing basis. Our System can analyze and screen single or bulk/batch candidate(s) on any given time. Our system screens candidates based on sanctions lists produced and maintained by highly reputable authorities of this domain from various Nations such as: UN, USA, UK, AU, CA, PEP DOMESTIC (Pakistan) – In process.

The system also screens’ candidates from sources list provided by the clients. The system is designed to maintain clients’ data also. You may do PEP and RCA sanction searches and checks with ease using our own automated platform. Our system will eliminate any potential false positives and notify you once a match has been verified for your client.

The system is based on subscription model where clients/ subscribers can avail customized options out of the following:

1) Single candidate screening and Profile maintenance
2) Bulk/ Batch candidates screening and profile maintenance
3) Log and history maintenance.
4) Web search from reputable sources like BBC, CNN, ALJAZEERA and etc.
5) SROs issued by ministry of foreign affairs.
6) Scheduler for recurring scrutiny.